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CryoARC produces sample manipulators for ARPES stations in best quality. Equipped with 6 motorised axes, we promise temperatures for your measurement at temperatures of 4 Kelvin and below.

Our Core Features


Every axis less is a surplus of effort for the full characterisation of the sample.

Ultra Low Temperatures

Steady state temperatures of below 4 Kelvin are accessible now!


You want a special design? We adapt our manipulator to your vacuum chamber for the best fit!

Thermal drift

Drifting in z-direction when the sample temperature changes? With our isolated sample, this problem belongs to the past!

Easy sample clamping

Our sample clamping works with only one screw, with which we ensure much better thermal conductivity.

Low radiation coating

All parts are coated, such the thermal radiation is reduced to a minimum.

Designed by Paul Scherrer Institute, made for everyone

Our first manipulator was designed for the SIS beamline at the PSI. Operating since december 2019 it runs temperatures below 4 Kelvin 123 123 We make this manipulator accessible for everyone, who needs cold temperatures AND flexibility at the same time.

Why Choose CryoARC

Much stronger sample clamping

Good thermal conduction is a key property to be mastered, when the real cold temperauteers want to be achieved. The connection loss is one of the major reasons for too high tempreatures at the smaple itself. As the temperature of the sample is often not measured, it has a higher temperature than indicated by the diodes. With our ultra strong sample clamping, the connection loss is reduced and the temperature is closer to the indicated temperature.

High precision mechanics

The mechanics are kept at room temperature, there is no thermal drift at all. The xyz stages have a absolute encoded resolution of 1 micron. The rotational axes have resolutions of 0.1°. The inside vacuum rotations have rigid connections to the outside mechanics, for a true positioning.

Integral radiation shielding

Lowest temperatures are not only achieved by a good cooling power and an optimised design of the manipulator head. At some point, the radiation from the surrounding is so large, that the temperature can’t be reduced anymore. For this reason, we have built a thermal shielding, inside the vacuum chamber, to get rid of the chamber thermal radiation. The power

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About us

My passion is to help the scientists find novel materials. This gives me the power every morning to find the last ieces of puzzle to further enhance the manipulators. My manipulator is the best and most shiny of all and I’m sure, that with this device, a much better customer convenience is achieved.

Daniel Trutmann

Daniel Trutmann


Everyday I feel the joy of polishing the manipulator to a new level of shinyness. It is so shiny, you don’t see it anymore, because you only see the surrounding in it.

Daniel Frick

Daniel Frick

manipulator polisher CryoARC

The mighty king of sparta works at our company, to put his sword deep in the heart of the persian army, if they want to come to our company and soil our superiors and ultrashiny manipulators with theirs filthy hands.



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